Our Products

Power Equipment

Servel Power Equipment are the best state-of-art protection system to ensure a continuous, smooth and long working life for your Domestic appliance and Commercial/Industrial Equipment. We offer custom built solutions cater to all and any Power Equipment requirement of our Customers.

Aviation & Ground Support

Servel Aviation & Ground Support Vehicle are developed after exhaustive research to cater to specific and extreme need of the India Air Force. They undergo rigorous testing at various labs and by the Defence Quality Assurance agencies before approval and have stood the test of time by delivering on high reliability and long service life. Servel has supplied various Ground Support Vehicles to the Indian Air Force currently in use with all types of Aircrafts such as Sukois, Migs, Mirage etc.

Avionics & Test Equipment

Servel Avionics & Test Equipment developed for testing purposes.

Airfield Lighting Controls

Servel Air field Lighting Controls are in use at almost all Indian Air force Fields.

Security Systems

Guarding your premises has become a business imperative to-day. Servel offers you Security Solutions based on your exact needs and are ideally suited to function in Indian conditions. We offer cost effective & efficient solution for any sized establishment and for all security related requirements; we have a range of sophisticated yet simple equipment & systems to cater to your exact security requirements.