Gas Storage & Distribution System – Oxygen (UGSS-O2)

General Details

Gas Storage & Distribution System – Oxygen (UGSS-O2)

Developed & supplied to the Indian Air Force as per DGAQA Spec. No. GSE/299 dt. Mar 2012 Storage Capacity of 480 ltrs at 350 bar Oxygen (12 cylinders @ 40 ltrs each) Onboard Pneumatic boosted to boost commercial Oxygen for high pressure storage Downstream pressure control system:0 – 5.5 Bar, 5.5 – 120 Bar, 150 – 250 bar, Bypass line.

Safety Features

  • Safety relief valves installed in ALL output lines.
  • Low input pressure cutoff in event of insufficient pressure to boost up the oxygen to 350 bar pressure to avoid booster damage
  • High output pressure cutoff beyond 350 bar
  • Oxygen Leakage – two oxygen sensors to detect high ambient oxygen levels in the cabin
  • Impure oxygen supply cutoff If the oxygen inline is not pure for aircraft use.
  • Fire & Smoke safety – In case of fire there is an alarm and automatic fire fighting system in the system. One CO2 cylinder for automated firefighting is installed.
  • Short & Open circuit alarm – If there is any short/ open circuit in the system the buzzer will come on.
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