Servo Voltage Stabilizer

General Details
Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Specification Capacity

1KVA to 2000 KVA (Single Phase)
5 KVA to 1000 KVA (Three Phase)

Input Voltage Range

180-270V, 160-270V, 140-270V (Single Phase)
340-460V, 300-460V, 280-460V (Three Phase)

Or any other range as required by you.

Output Voltage

230V ± 1 % (Single Phase)
400 ± 1 % (Three Phase)

or as desired

Cooling Natural Air/Oil cooled
Frequency 47-53 Hz
Correction Speed 10-35V Per second
Response Time < 10ms
Waveform Distortion None added by the equipment
Duty Cycle Continuous
Power Factor Suitable for all power factor loads

Optional Facility

  • Cut off at two low/ two high of input voltage
  • Overload Protection
  • Single-phase Prevention
  • By-pass Arrangement
  • Surge Suppressor

Type SE – 15-1

Single Phase Servo-Controlled Voltage Stabilizer. Suitable for use with single phase equipment.

Type SE – 15-3U

Three-phase Servo-Controlled Voltage Stabilizer. Recommended for use with unbalanced input supply voltage and/or unbalanced loads.

It consists of three single phase units connected in star. Each unit has a motorized single phase variac and a series transformer. Voltage of each phase is independently sensed and corrected to the desired value.

These units are, therefore, suitable for use with unbalanced input supply voltages and unbalanced loads.

Type SE – 15-3B

Three-phase Servo-Controlled Voltage Stabilizer. Recommended for use where 3-phase input supply and load are balanced i.e. all line voltages and currents are same.

This regulator employs a three phase variable transformer (3 nos. of single phase variable transformers mechanically coupled) driven by a single servo motor and three-phase series transformers. The Output voltage between ‘R&Y’ phase is sensed and all the three phase output are corrected accordingly. These units are, therefore, suitable only for use with balanced 3-phase mains supply. If balanced mains supply cannot be ensured, TYPE SE – 15-3U should be used.


  • Reduces / eliminates failure rate of electrical appliances.
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in power consumption
  • Reduces wastage of goods in process industry
  • Depreciation from Income Tax


  • CNC based machines
  • Chemical / Oil Industry
  • Information Technology Industry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Communication & Broadcasting System
  • Airconditioning Plant
  • Textile industru
  • Cement Plant
  • Rolling Steel Mill
  • Rubber / Shoe Industry
  • Food processing Industry
  • Printing and Packaging Industry
  • Commercial Building / Complex
  • Industrial / Residential Mainline
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