Servel UPS Systems/ Inverters

General Details

Servel UPS Systems

Introducing top of the line UPS systems from Servel with optional RS 232 serial port from computer interfacing. It comes to you with latest technology, and design which is crafted for ruggedness, reliability and long trouble free service.

Salient Features

    • Micro processor based control
    • PWM Based
    • MOSFET Technology
    • Line Interactive
    • Built -in AVR
    • Optional RS 232 serial port for computer interfacing
    • Transfer time < 3 m secs
    • Efficiency > 92%
    • Models with internal/external Batteries
    • Changes over to inverter mode at voltages higher than 280V & less than 140V
    • Compact
    • One single PCB with connectors ensures quick replacement and zero down time
    • UPS automatically gets disabled if the load is removed or switched off to conserve battery power.



Rating 500VA/625VA/750VA1KVA/1.2KVA/1.5KVA
Load Power Factor 0.7 Lagging to unity
Input Voltage mains 140-280V
Battery 12V/24V DC
Output (On mains) 210-245V AC
Voltage (On inverter) 230 ± 21
Wave shape on inverter Quasi sine wave
Frequency (Inverter mode)  50Hz + 1 %
Transfer time <  3m secs
RS – 232 serial port Optional


Power Rating 2KVA, Single phase
3KVA, Single phase
5KVA, Single phase
Frequency 509Hz + 6%
Rectifier Automatic float cum boost charge
Constant voltage constant current type
Nominal DC Voltage 120V
Back-up Time 1/2 hours or as desired
Output Voltage 220/230 Volts + 1% Single phase
Frequency 50Hz + 0.5% (as per requirement)
Inverter Efficiency More than 85%
Wave Form Sinusoidal (sine-wave)
Distortion Max. 5% THD with no single hamonic more than 3% for linear loads
Transient Voltage Response +8% under steep load change from 10% to 100%
Transient Recovery Within 3 to 5 cycles
Load Power Factor 0.65 lag to unity
Over Load Capacity 120% for 30 min./150% for 10 sec.
Crest Factor Better than 2.5
Control Method Sinusoidal PWM with control
Switching Frequency 20KHz PWM with MOSFET
Circuit Method On line PWM UPS, zero transfer time
Humidity 95% RH max. (non condensing)
Audible Noise Less than 40 db at distance of 1.5 meters
Cooling Forced air cooling

Note : Due to continuous innovation and upgradation of the product, the specifications may undergo change without notice.


Servel Inverters

Fully automatic, noiseless -the state-of-the-art Servel inverter to provide you the instant power back-up.

Salient Features

  • MOSFET Technology
  • PWM based
  • Fully Automatic
  • Compact, Noiseless & Fumeless
  • Can be installed on mains
  • Energy efficient
  • Heavy Duty Charge
  • Negligible loss of battery water
  • Modular construction
  • Battery charging at sustained low mains input voltage as low as 140V.
  • Protection against
    Short circuit
    Deep Discharge
    Reverse polarity
    Battery over current
  • Auto recovery on removal of overloading
  • Easily cater for high inrush currents of colour TV., Tube lights etc.
  • Enhanced battery life due to controlled charging
  • Very fast change-over from mains to inverter and vice-versa.


Mains input 160-270V, 50Hz. Can tolerate
Output On Mains : same as AC input
On Battery : 220 ± 5 %
Wave form Modified sine-wave
Load power factor 0.8 lagging to unity
Protection against Overload
Short circuit
Deep discharge
Reverse polarity
Battery over current
High Voltage even up to 300V
Fuses AC Mains
DC Battery line (internal)
Output 15A, 5 pin socket
Input 60A DC Terminal Block for Battery, 15 AMP. Cord for Mains
Switches Inverter ON/OFF
Ratings & Recomended Battery Backup time 500VA (12V System) 1 x 180 Ah
1000VA (24V System) 2 x 180 Ah
3-4 hrs. with fully charged battery.
About 6 hrs. On half load with
fully charged battery.
Led indications Mains ON
Mains fuse blown
Battery Low
Charger ON
Inverter ON
Inverter DC fuse blown


Temperature 0˚C to 55˚C
Humidity 95% RH (maximum)
Natural Air

(Due to continuous innovation and upgradation of the product, the specifications may undergo without notice)

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