Self Propelled Aircraft Starting Trolley (AST)

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Self Propelled Aircraft Starting Trolley

200 ‘Servel’ trolleys are operating in MIG21 Squadrons throughout the country.Prior to induction of this Trolley, MIG 21 Aircraft was started with Russian made APPA vehicle. This trolley developed first time successfully by the company is totally indigenous, self-propelled, giving 10 air-craft starts, using re-chargeable Ni-Cd batteries. These are in operation at 20 AF stations.

Provides DC for ground testing of electrical/instruments system & Aircraft engine start


  • High capacity Ni- Cd battery used for giving 10 starts without recharging & long battery life of minimum of 3 years
  • First time introduction of Battery power self propelled Ground Support Equipment
  • Import substitution of Bulky and expensive “APA”
  • AN-32 transportable & low maintenance
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