Self Propelled Air/ N2 Trolley (SANT)

General Details

Self Propelled Air/ N2 trolley

It is a battery-propelled and battery-operated vehicle with a crane on board for loading/un-loading of 200 Kg. gas cylinder. It houses 4 gas (Air/N2) cylinders, interconnected to Pressure Regulator System on board. The Trolley has been so designed that all the operations, viz., loading/un-loading of gas cylinders, driving the Trolley to the air-craft, charging of the air-craft cylinders anywhere from 0 to 350 Kg/cm2 pressure can easily be handled by only one man. The Trolley replaces the single cylinder hand-carts/tractor-towable 4 cylinders platforms & trollies; and in doing so makes the entire operation very easy & fast. This Trolley is cost-effective, efficient, light-weight, air-transportable, reliable, easily operable by only one man, easily maintainable & wholly indigenous.


  • Houses 4 Air/N2 200 Kg gas cylinders
  • Crane on board for loading/unloading of cylinders
  • It is battery-propelled and battery-operated
  • Cylinders are inter-connected to Pressure regulator System on board
  • All the operations viz
    – Loading/unloading of gas cylinders
    – Driving the trolley to the Aircraft
    – Charging of the gas cylinder anywhere from 0-350 Kg/Cm2 pressure can be done by one man
  • It replaces the single Cylinder hand0carts/tractor towable 4 cylinder platform
  • It is cost effective, efficient, single man operable Air transportable trolley
  • Fully meets DGQA Specn. No.DGQA/GE/237 Dec 1999



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