The Servel Group

We are engaged in Design, Development, Manufacture and Marketing of custom built equipment & systems for Consumers, Industry, Defence, Telecom and other applications – Avionics; Ground Support; Test Equipment; Power Regulating & Stabilizing Systems (Servo-controlled Voltage Stabilizers – 1/3 phase, 10-2000 KVA); Battery Chargers; Gas Generation, Storage, Compression & Distribution Systems at high pressures of upto and exceeding 350 Bar. We also maintain various equipment all over India, particularly at all the airfields of the Indian Air Force (IAF) using ‘Servel’ equipment.

We have two manufacturing and one marketing establishments. The workforce of over 150 includes 30 engineers and other highly skilled personnel in Production, Marketing, After Sales Service and Quality Assurance.

The field that has brought SERVEL recognition is its Custom-Design division. It has pioneered many state-of-the-art products for the Defence sector, Avionics, Industrial design and the consumer durables industry, which compare with the best in the world.

Specialize in undertaking designing & manufacturing an engineering product as per the user’s requirements & specifications. Have designed, manufactured & supplied following ‘Servel’ equipment to the Indian Air Force (IAF) –

  • Two Digit Channel Indicators, for MIG-21
  • Cord Connector YK-9 Amplifiers, for MIG-21
  • V/UHF Test sets for R/T sets of MIG-21
  • Digital Remote Controlled Desk, for air-field lighting controls for all the air-fields of IAF
  • Radio Controlled Portable Air-field Lighting system comprising remote operated 100 battery-operated lighting units, with 10 Kms. range Transmitter
  • Battery Operated Platform Trucks with crane, for moving ammunitions
  • Ni-Cd Battery-operated Air-craft Starting Trolleys for MIG-21
  • Self-propelled (battery-operated) Air/ N2 Trolleys for Air and N2 storage, regulation and delivery to aircraft of pressure up to 350 Bar
  • N2 Generation, Storage & Delivery System with pressure regulation up to 350 Bar, comprising 6 vehicles for Sukhoi 30 & others
  • Oxygen Charging & Distribution Vehicle with 350 Bar pressure regulation & O2 leakage detection & auto-triggering of oxygen cut-off/ fire suppression system in case of fire for Sukhoi 30 & others

The strength of the company lies in its R&D & Marketing efforts; and that is primarily due to the specifically in the areas of enhancing the operational capability of the IAF. The company. has given service to the IAF by developing various Import Substitution items and new systems including air-borne equipment to enhance IAF’s operational capabilities. Apart from saving precious foreign exchange, the company has contributed immensely towards India’s self-reliance efforts.

Our Strength

It is the team spirit that propels the Servel group forward. The common goal of unrelenting commitment to quality and perfection is the group’s driving force. And it is this commitment which has enabled SERVEL to attract some of the finest professionals from the country’s most reputed institutions. The spirit of working with a united will governs every action of the group and has inspired the concept of leadership in harmony at Servel.

Our Products

We, at Servel, make sure to provide our customers with the best quality products. Here is a list of all the type of products that we offer.*Change*

Quality Assurance

The motto of our company is “Complete Customer Satisfaction” & “Serving Thru’ Excellence”. This is reflected in our products which have unique and useful features. Our products are backed by efficient & friendly after sales service. We have our own in-house Quality Control System in place & the products are inspected from the raw material stage till the assembly, testing & its delivery to the user. We have an excellent system in place for the Vendor Rating and we regularly review this system in order to deliver a top quality product to the user.

All of our defence products are approved by DGAQA Min. of Defence, a tough task master who settles for nothing but the very best. We form Quality Circle teams for any recurrent defect & try to solve them by involving all concerned people from Marketing, Stores, Production & Quality Control departments. We have a system of Quality Audits in place at regular intervals. Many of our systems have been tested at CEMILAC (Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification) DRDO, Min. of Defence and also at ALISDA, DGAQA Bangalore. All the products supplied by us have stood the test of time.

The unflinching commitment to quality, timely delivery and customer delight has been and would always remain our goal.